beard brush

Beard Brush

  • $50.00

After months of testing, we are proud to present our super soft bristled Beard Brush made entirely from cherry wood. This brush is so easy on your whiskers it allows you to brush your beard right after washing and drying without fear of damaging beard hairs. The soft natural bristles of this handmade brush are far superior to boar bristle and can significantly reduce breakage and splitting while encouraging growth and control. Soft enough for a baby! - Finally a brush fine enough to deserve the title "Beard Brush".
● 100% Natural Bristle
● Helps Promote Healthy Growth
● Reduce Breakage and Damaged Hair
Handmade in England by Kent Brushes 
Cherry wood with soft  1" long natural bristles
Measures 6 1/2" long by 1 1/2 " wide with a 13 1/2" handle.

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