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BeardProducts.com was founded in 2011 by Jason Smalls, mixologist, alchemist and expert Beardsman. Having experience in product manufacturing and being aware of the number of unhealthy ingredients in grooming products, Jason decided it was time to start making his own organic products. Months later, after much experimenting and testing, he knew that he had created something special.
Family and friends started asking him for his products. From the start, his goal was to make the best beard products possible. No chemicals, residues or fillers, just the purest organic ingredients. Finally, the result was one he wanted to share with other bearded folks.
Today we send products to thousands of people in 50+ countries all over the world. We love the diversity of our customers and whether you are a 20 year old aspiring art film maker or a 95 year old war veteran we are ready to help you grow your best beard.
  Jason's strict commitment to using only the finest quality organic ingredients has yielded beard care products that are quickly becoming known as the world's finest. Every product is handmade in small batches.
Organic Beard Care - since 2011
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