Beard Products

Fir Needle Beard Conditioner

Clean, woodsy and masculine, our Fir Needle Beard Conditioner is formulated to leave your beard soft and smelling great all day long. Fir needle's woodsy aroma is said to calm nerves and improve mental clarity. This leave-in conditioner helps refresh and soften your beard while holding whiskers in place.   Bring the forest to your beard!

● Made with real Fir Needles
● Regular use reduces breakage 
● Adds moisture, volume, and softness to your beard
Ingredients: organic virgin coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, organic rosehip seed oil, beeswax, organic fir needle essential oil, organic vitamin E oil.


Not a lot of hype or flashy marketing here- just high quality Beard Products priced affordably and made with the best organic ingredients. All of our products are formulated with natural components that specifically support your beard's growth and potential. We hand manufacture all of our products in small batches, sometimes on a per-order basis. This ensures your products are as fresh as possible - HANDMADE IN THE USA


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